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GSK 928M

  • English/Chinese LCD display
  • 4controllable Axes: X, Y, Z, axis and additional C axis
  • 4 axes linear interpolation,2 axes arc interpolation axes tapping
  • 22 kinds of milling, drilling, tapping cycle dictate
  • Parameters programming suitable for special purpose
  • Optional DNC function to finishing complex machining with CAM
  • Changeable shifting time fitting in with servo or step driver system
  • Actual adjustable feed speed ratio
  • Optional electronic hand wheel


80C 196+8032


160 x 128 Lattice LCD

Controllable Axes

4axes (X. Y. Z. C)

Linkage Axes

4 axes (linear)/2 axes (Arc)

Min Unit

0.01 mm

Max travel


Max Move Speed

18000mm /min

Actual speed, limited by driver and load, can be set by user with parameters

Max Interpolation Speed

Linear: 4.5m /min Arc: 3m /min

Feed/Hand Speed ratio

0~150%, 16 grades, actual adjustable

Auto Speed-up/down

User can set speed-up/down time and starting speed.

User Programming

Storage: 28KB/100programs, ISO Code, relative/absolute coordinate complex programming, full-screen edit

G Function

49 kinds G Code, incl. 22 kinds machining cycle dictate, parameters programming, read/write 2 points user input/3 points user output

User Data Storage

Program, parameters, tool composition and coordinate-holding at power lost


RS232 interface for transmitting user programs & parameters between this system. And PC, Optional DNC communications for complex machining with CAM

Spindle Function

User 4 bits BCD encode spindle step shifting, or 0 ?? 10v simulate voltage output converter to realize spindle step less change. Spindle assembled the 1200p/r encoder can realize transfer feed and Z-axis metric/inch tapping.

Tool Compensations

Tool length/radius compensations have 9 groups compensation data apiece.

Assistant Functions

All positive/reverse rotation, stop, of spindle, coolant and lubrication are controlled by Hand/program

Hand Function

Continuous hand feed; Single step hand feed( 7 kinds of steps set by user with parameters); Defined coordinate fast move; xl, x10, 2 steps hand feed ratio with optional electronic hand wheel

Operation Mode

Edit, Automation, Hand (JOG), Dry run, Communication, Parameters setup.

Overall Dimension

368 x 298 x 115mm /424 x 304 x 115mm (small/large)

Support Manual

Controller 928MA for milling/ drilling manual



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